Interim CEO, Tim Griffiths stood outside the new COVID-19 (Coronavirus) screening clinic in Wangaratta

COVID-19 Testing Blitz

As part of the Statewide COVID-19 testing blitz, NHW will increase COVID-19 (Coronavirus) testing to better understand how the virus is spreading in the community.

Young female speech pathologist using video calls for paediatric Speech Pathology consultations.

Telehealth crossing the physical divide

Our allied health and ambulatory care teams are continuing to provide valuable services to their clients despite the physical limitations of COVID-19 (coronavirus) restriction.

CEO, Mr Tim Griffiths and Director of Clinical Services, Rebecca Weir in front of the ANZAC Commemorative banner at NHW.

A tribute to heroes past and present

Instead of our traditional ANZAC Day Service within the hospital, we have placed a commemorative banner outside NHW as a tribute to heroes past and present.

Video thumbnail of Director of Clinical Services Rebecca Weir talking about COVID-19 and the risks to our community

Community concerns about COVID-19

Director of Clinical Services Rebecca Weir, addresses some of the concerns about contracting COVID-19 (Coronavirus) from positive cases in the community.