Human Research Ethics Committee – positions available

The Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) operates under the provisions of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) to review research projects involving humans undertaken at NHW.

We are seeking three new committee members with a strong interest in human research and ethical review to join our Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC). The successful candidates would fulfil one of the categories below and commit to bi-monthly virtual committee meetings.

The successful candidate will enjoy the benefits of being a part of NHW’s research program, growing an understanding of research and ethics and building networks around Wangaratta and surrounds.

Applying for the role:

  • Enquiries can be made with Dr Rowan O’Hagan on (03) 5722 5149 or
  • Position Descriptions are available by clicking on the position above.
  • Applications addressing the selection criteria, should be emailed to
  • Applications close Friday 14th April, 2023

Clinical Research

We undertake research generated by our own local research questions with local researchers in addition to collaborative work with a variety of partner organisations in broader multi-site state-wide, national and international studies.

Our key research partner is The University of Melbourne, Department of Rural Health through the Rural Health Academic Network (RHAN) program. The RHAN program specifically aims to build research capability and capacity in partner regional and rural health services.

University Department of Rural Health – Research.pdf
Rural Health Academic Network (RHAN).pdf
NHW CTRSS Site Profile – V6.0 Mar2023.pdf

Research Team

The research team at Northeast Health consists of;

Operational Director of Education and Research

Ms Jacqui Verdon
Phone: (03) 5722 5149

Research Development and Governance Officer
Rural Health Academic Network (RHAN) Coordinator

Dr Rowan O’Hagan
Rowan can be contacted to discuss any aspect of research project development, research methodology training, statistical support, student projects or ethics at NHW. As the RHAN Coordinator, Rowan promotes capacity building, knowledge transfer and collaboration across the regional and rural health sector through the NHW partnership with the University of Melbourne.

Phone: (03) 5722 5149

Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) Secretariat

The Education and Research Unit provides secretariat support to the NHW Human Research Ethics Committee and the NHW Research Committee.

Phone: (03) 5722 5149

Clinical Trials Research Support Officer

Ms Nicole Humphreys
The role of the Clinical Trial Research Support Officer is to provide a specialist service to assist with the central coordination of clinical trials within Northeast Health Wangaratta. The role aims to provide “one point of contact” for trial sponsors and assist investigators to administer and coordinate trials with a goal to promote and facilitate more participation in commercially sponsored clinical trials at Northeast Health Wangaratta.

Phone: (03) 5722 5149


Ms Julie Day
Julie is a highly skilled medical librarian who can assist with literature searches and provide training in accessing online resources.  The Library provides information to support the clinical, research and continuing education needs of staff and students of NHW and affiliated health professionals throughout the region.

Phone: (03) 5722 5286

Prospective Researchers

Prior to submitting any research project application at Northeast Health Wangaratta, the project must be discussed with our Research Development and Governance Officer. This will aid the researcher to determine the feasibility aspects of the study and what level of ethical review is required.

Applications can be made online via Ethical Review Manager (ERM) and be accompanied by a completed Research Governance Review Form

Northeast Health Wangaratta is a signatory to the National Mutual Acceptance Scheme.

We have a fully constituted Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) which adheres to the recommendations of the national guidelines on ethical research:

The Chairperson of our HREC is Bernadette Hammond and the committee meets bi-monthly. The Education and Research Unit have deadlines for submission of research project applications for review by the NHW HREC.

HREC Submission Deadlines 2023

HREC Meetings 2023 (second Tues – 5pm)

24 January 14 February
28 March 11 April
30 May 13 June
25 July 8 August
26 September 10 October
28 November 12 December

NHW Research Policies

Research and Ethics

NHW Ethics Application

Research Governance Procedure

Research Governance and HREC Review Fees

Human Research Ethics Committee Complaints Process

HREC Secretariat
Phone: (03) 5722 5149

Community Participation

Northeast Health is committed to involving our community in the ideas, planning and implementation of our research. Community members can request to join our Community Advisory Committee by contacting;

Performance Improvement Team
Community Advisory Committee
Phone: (03) 5722 5482

TOR Community Advisory Committee

Statement on consumer and community involvement in health and medical research

Current Research Activity 2020-2022

Allied Health

  • Paediatric Feeding Clinic Review, Elizabeth Broughan (NHW HREC 78884)
  • Evaluation of the Value-Based Service Model of Care for Dental Services at Northeast Health Wangaratta, Tricia Voss (NHW HREC 65247)
  • Cancer malnutrition point prevalence study, Bree Broomfield (Multi-site 33047)
  • Physiotherapy management in prostate cancer: A qualitative study of enablers, barriers and unmet needs, Alesha Sayner (Western Health), Kath Nicholls (NHW) (Multi-site 53408)
  • Nutrition practice in critically ill adults – an observational study, Eleanor Capel (Multi-site 68095)
  • Victorian ICUs’ Nutrition Practices Survey, Eleanor Capel (Multi-site 54304)


  • Paediatric Anaesthesia Scope of Practice, Dr Nicholle Sim (NHW HREC 90136)
  • Obesity Audit, Dr Kate Greentree (NHW HREC 85679)
  • POpPy: Anaesthetist ability to predict postoperative opioid requirements, Dr Braden Preston (NHW HREC 90136)
  • Sprint National Anaesthesia Project 3: An Observational Study and Audit of Frailty, Multimorbidity and Delirium in Older People in the Perioperative Period (SNAP 3), Dr Jade Radnor (Multi-site Clinical Trial 80215)
  • Intrathecal morphine in LUSCS – practice and outcomes, Dr Anthony Baird (NHW HREC 85456)
  • A multi-centre randomized non-inferiority trial of chewing gum versus ondansetron to treat postoperative nausea and vomiting in female patients after breast or laparoscopic surgery, Dr Anthony Baird (Multi-site Clinical Trial 39113)
  • Tranexamic acid to Reduce Infection after Gastrointestinal Surgery (TRIGS), Dr Jade Radnor (Multi-site Clinical Trial 60144)
  • Sugammadex, neostigmine and postoperative pulmonary complications: a randomised feasibility and pilot study, Dr Jade Radnor (Multi-site Clinical Trial 69062)

Cancer Care

  • Evaluation of Survivorship Care Plans in a regional cancer service, Amanda Kavanagh, (NHW HREC 78596)
  • Randomised Phase II Trial to Evaluate the Strategy of Integrating Local Ablative Therapy with First-Line Systemic Treatment for Unresectable Oligometastatic Colorectal Cancer RESOLUTE, Dr Kay Xu (Multi-site Clinical Trial 74761)


  • Allied health therapy during pandemics: An exploratory study on experience of therapists from a regional Australian health service, Meredith Castle (NHW HREC 66220)
  • Exploration of the lived experience of regional health care workers during COVID-19 pandemic, Professor Jennifer Weller-Newton (NHW HREC 63461)
  • Prevalence of SARS-VoV-2 Infection in Elective Surgical Patients in Victoria, Dr Jade Radnor (Multi-site)
  • Short Period Incidence Study of Severe Acute Respiratory Infection (SPRINT-SARI), Nicole Humphreys (Multi-site 31316)

Emergency Care

  • ED representations resulting in paediatric admissions at NHW, Dr Emma Johnston (NHW HREC 76253)
  • Unscheduled paediatric return visits at a rural emergency department within 72 hours, Dr Jessica Wong (NHW HREC 58096)
  • Chest pain in ED – Safety and Trajectory (The CHEST study), Dr Alexander Olaussen (NHW HREC 65381)
  • VEMD Injury Surveillance Data Quality Evaluation (NHW), Dr Dianne Sheppard (Monash), Dr Johann De Witt Oosthuizen (NHW HREC 67824)
  • EXTEND-IA DNase: Improving early reperfusion with adjuvant dornase alfa in large vessel ischemic stroke, Dr Johann Oosthuizen (Multi-site Clinical Trial 80348)
  • Extending the time window for Tenecteplase by Effective Reperfusion of peNumbrAl tissue in patients with Large Vessel Occlusion (ETERNAL LVO), Dr Johann Oosthuizen (Multi-site Clinical Trial 53473)
  • Paramedic Antibiotics for Severe Sepsis (PASS): A Phase 2 Study, Dr Johann Oosthuizen (Multi-site Clinical Trial 39403)

Maternity Care

  • Testing the reliability and validity of continuity of midwifery care questionnaire, Noelyn Perriman, (UC) (NHW HREC 67525)
  • Generation Victoria Cohort 2020s, Gen V Clinical Lead (Multi-site 51302)


  • Review of Medical Emergency Team in a regional hospital, Dr Umes Tharanga De Silva Peththahandi (NHW HREC 92131)
  • A Phase 2a Combined Open-Label and Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Crossover Study Assessing the Effectiveness, Safety, and Tolerability of Oral Fasudil in Subjects with Dementia and Wandering Behaviour – FOUND, Dr Lakshmi Dhakal (Multi-site Clinical Trial 72056)


  • Evaluation of the Palliative Care Acute Liaison Nurse Service, Dr Rowan O’Hagan (NHW HREC 76573)
  • Implementation of nurse-led midline service using ultrasound guidance, Paul Jones (NHW HREC 64780)
  • Australia and New Zealand Hip Fracture Registry (ANZHFR), Mr Richard Kjar (Multi-site 30860)
  • My Neuro-Palliative Care: Phase 3 The Pilot Study: Implementation and Evaluation, Jackie Creek (Multi-site 76058)
  • My Neuro-Palliative Care: My NP Care, Jackie Creek (Multi-site 66873)


  • Investigating the research behaviours of hospital pharmacy staff in Australia and their acceptability of interventions to build research capacity in the pharmacy workforce, David Ford (Multi-site Clinical Trial 88642)
  • Partnered Pharmacist Medication Charting Scaling Project – Rural/Regional, David Ford (Multi-site 59343)


  • The experience of using lavender aromatherapy essential oil during the recovery phase following gynaecological surgery. A pilot study. A/Professor Patricia Nicholson (Deakin) and Barbara Allen (NHW HREC 73323)
  • The Myometrial-Cervical Ratio (MCR), Dr Megan Sewell (NHW HREC 73071)
  • Operating Room and Communication (ORAC) Study – A reflection on non-technical surgical skills in theatre, A/P Francis Miller (NHW HREC 69679)
  • Implementation of nurse-led midline service using ultrasound guidance, Paul Jones (NHW HREC 64780)


  • Digital Health Literacy, Dr Kristen Glenister, (NHW HREC 74514)
  • Building Research capacity amongst health service clinicians: a realist evaluation, Professor Jennifer Weller-Newton (NHW HREC 73196)

Publications and Reports


  • Tilson, N. Wilson, S. ‘Navigating older persons services : an adventure in chaos’, presented to ACMHN’s 46th International Mental Health Nursing Conference, Mental Health Nursing in a Climate of Change, JW Marriot Gold Coast Resort and Spa, Gold Coast, Australia, 7-9 September 2022.  Abstract published in International Journal of Mental Health Nursing 2022. 31(Suppl. 1) 60-61.
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  • Age-Friendly Northeast Victoria and Brasher, K. (2020) Is your health service age-friendly? A guide to assess the age-friendliness of a health service