Three female pharmacy interns stood with an older gentleman in front of a pharmacy display

Pharmacy Internship Program

Over six years, NHW has established its internship program to help develop the next generation of pharmacists within the north east region.

Three ladies holding an array of biopak products

Going green with biopak

As part of our environmental strategy, the NHW cafe transitioned away from plastic, replacing containers with Biopak clams and cutlery.

Male client sat with female speech pathologist at a table covered in letters

Speech is just the start

During Speech Pathology Week, we’re being encouraged to think about speech in a different way and think beyond the spoken word to expression, gesture and identity.

patient having her pulse taken

Hearts@Home extending care

Linda Neate is a patient of the ‘Hearts@Home’ arm of HITH, after being diagnosed with heart failure in January.

Think F.A.S.T when it comes to stroke

Hugh Pinnington’s usually active routine changed dramatically when he suffered a stroke in June 2022.

Enabling breastfeeding

Our midwifery and Mother and Baby Resource Centre work closely with new parents to support breastfeeding.