Consumer Participation

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Northeast Health Wangaratta (NHW) is a trusted organisation with deep links into our community, region and beyond. We are an integrated, consolidated and transformed health sector and we are committed to partnering with our consumers, carers and community members. We promote activities that will help our community become more proactive in improving health for all.

Consumer participation is an important way for our health service to strengthen the connection between our organisation and the community we serve. For those who have used our services (or cared for someone who has), becoming a partner with NHW allows you to contribute to the services provided, on an ongoing basis.

Consumer Participation at NHW encompasses various strategies, which include:

Examples of consumer participation

infographic of roadmap twisting and turning around the years 2023 to 2025 with lists of achievements and goals by each year.
Consumer Participation Engagement Strategy – Roadmap

Examples of past activities include participating in the Discharge Planning Working Group to ensure the discharge process is efficient and best for NHW patients, providing feedback on NHW patient information brochures and participating in the development of NHW publications such as;

  • LGBTQIA+ action plan
  • Reconciliation Plan
  • Disability Action Plan
  • Gender Equality Action Plan
  • Cultural Diversity Plan

Providing new and ongoing input and participation in;

  • developing the NHW Consumer Participation Recruitment Strategy to increase our diverse consumer participation across the organisation
  • improving our Victorian Health Experience Survey response rate
  • developing the NHW disability referral process action plan
  • the Partnering with Consumers National Standards Committee, and
  • the planning stage of the enhanced NHW feedback system.

You can also download and view our current Consumer Participation Engagement Strategy

and roadmap.

Ways you can participate

There are many benefits of Consumer Participation, such as improved patient outcomes, enhanced service quality, and a more patient-centric healthcare system. We are looking for passionate and committed participants who want to make a difference in the healthcare services that NHW provides its community.

  • Join our Community Advisory Committee (CAC)At NHW, we recognise the invaluable insights and perspectives that consumers bring to the healthcare sector, and we are eager to collaborate with individuals who share our commitment to improving the quality of healthcare services. The Consumer Advisory Committee is a sub-committee of the NHW Board. Becoming a committee member is an opportunity to make a meaningful difference to the way NHW delivers care that is available to local community members.
  • Provide feedback and tell us what you think
    You have several avenues to share feedback about your experience or any aspect of our service. Whether it’s a compliment, suggestion, or complaint, we welcome your input. You can provide feedback through the Victorian Health Experience Survey, our Consumer Experience Team, online feedback forms, QR codes, or by sharing your story through video or patient journey boards. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we appreciate the opportunity to learn and improve.
  • Consumer Review Online Program
    The Consumer Review Online Program offers our consumers a chance to contribute their insights and feedback regarding quality improvement projects that impact patients, families, and caregivers. This involvement may entail reviewing new Parent Information Sheets, taking part in surveys, or providing feedback on quality improvement efforts. Consumer Review Online is designed for individuals who are willing to review materials or participate in surveys from their homes but are not inclined to engage in committees or working groups.Unlike the Community Advisory Committee, Consumer Review Online does not necessitate police checks, working with children checks, or the signing of code of conduct agreements.

Northeast Health is guided by the principles of the Safer Care Victoria (SCV) Partnering in Healthcare Framework and National Standards 2: Partnering with Consumers

Northeast Health also has a Partnering with Consumers Framework 2022-2025 and a Consumer Participation Engagement Strategy that guides and supports our partnering with consumer activities.