pre-Emergency Department access screening tent

Restricted access to health service

Northeast Health Wangaratta will soon open its pre-Emergency Department access screening tent in addition to other health service access preventative measures.

orthopaedic surgery

Elective surgery suspended

All elective surgery, other than Category 1 and urgent Category 2 cases suspended until further notice.

Interim CEO, Tim Griffiths stood outside the new COVID-19 (Coronavirus) screening clinic in Wangaratta

COVID-19 Screening Clinic

NHW has opened its COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Screening Clinic is now open and will run from 8am to 6pm daily seven days a week (appointments from 8:30am t0 5:30pm).

Girl wearing a mask with abstract cells representing the coronavirus

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

NHW is prepared in case the COVID-19 spreads to Wangaratta and if someone presents to our health service that may be suspected of having COVID-19.

Margaret stands next to her motto, clearly enscrubbed on the memorial wall celebrating 140 years, “From a proud past and with firm foundations, Northeast Health Wangaratta faces the future with passion, energy, vision and optimism.”

Farewell Margaret Bennett

Northeast Health Wangaratta’s (NHW) chief executive officer Margaret Bennett has departed after a decade at the helm.