Going green with biopak

Three ladies holding an array of biopak products
NHW Cafe Attendants Sharene Gervasoni and Katie Maiden with Food Service Manager Debra Corcoran

NHW is diverting approximately 75,000 plastic cutlery items from landfill each year through the introduction of biodegradable food containers at our Green Street campus.

Our service uses an average of 6,200 cutlery packs and 9,000 food containers each month through our café service for visitors at staff.
As part of its environmental strategy, the service transitioned away from plastic, replacing containers with Biopak clams and cutlery. The Biopak containers are made from rapidly renewable and responsibly sourced resources.
The product is compostable and when it does end up in landfill, the carbon emissions released represent 50% of their total lifecycle footprint.