Admissions & Day Stay Unit (ADU)

Admissions and Day Stay Unit: +61 (03) 5722 5232
Pre-admission Clinic: +61 (03) 5722 5251
35-47 Green Street, Wangaratta, VIC 3677
Monday to Friday – 7.00am to 6.00pm

The Day Stay Unit is part of our theatre complex and provides day surgery services and admission preparation for elective surgery requiring overnight stays. If your procedure is more complex or you have a particular medical history, you may need to attend our Pre-admission Clinic so that we can ensure you have all the necessary assessments before your surgery.

Pre-admission Clinic

The purpose of the pre-admission clinic visit is to;

  • Evaluate your health status prior to your elective surgery. This may include investigations, referral, and further assessment.
  • Explain the procedure, risks and expected outcomes.
  • Obtain your informed consent
  • Enable, if required, an allied health assessment, and to determine any post-operative services that may be required.
  • Prepare for a safe and effective discharge post-operatively.

Before your appointment, you will receive the following information;

  • The appointment date and time
  • What Clinics you will be attending
  • What investigations you may need to have done prior to their assessment.
  • What to expect at the clinic
  • What to bring with you.

Your appointment can take up to two hours to complete, so please allow plenty of time and make sure you have had something to eat and drink before arriving as we share our waiting room with fasting patients.

Admission process for surgery

  1. You and your referring General Practitioner (doctor) will need to complete a ‘Request For Admission’ (RFA) form.
  2. Once we have received your RFA form, we can book a date for your surgery.
  3. You will be assessed on your previous and current medical conditions and depending on this assessment you may need to attend our pre-admission clinic.
  4. If you are required to attend the pre-admission clinic, we will contact you to organise a date and time
  5. Prior to your surgery, you will receive an information pack that contains important details about the admission process and instructions on preparing for your surgery.

Admission and Day Stay Unit

Overnight stays & day surgery information

Day stay information

  • You MUST have someone to take you home and stay with you overnight. You cannot stay home alone after an anaesthetic.
  • If you are having day surgery, you are not allowed to drive or use heavy machinery for 24 hours – a work certificate can be arranged for you and your carer if required.
  • For all day procedures – Following your surgery, you will be transferred to the recovery room where nurses will monitor your recovery until you are well enough to go home.