Smokefree at NHW

Northeast Health is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment that is free of tobacco-related risks. As part of our commitment to a smokefree health service, we have implemented a tobacco-free policy. This means that smoking is not permitted on any NHW campus at any time, including all buildings and grounds/outdoor areas.

With so many health issues relating to smoking and second-hand smoke, it is our responsibility to promote the health benefits of having a smokefree environment and make sure information and support are available to patients in our care, clients and our staff.

no smoking signs on the painted on pavement outside NHW marking the smokefree zone

Where are the boundaries of the smokefree area?

All Northeast Health Wangaratta grounds are smokefree, including visitor and staff car parks. Signs on the footpaths clearly mark the start of smokefree areas around the campus, and cigarette bins are positioned at entry points for disposal of cigarette butts. Smoking is not permitted along Cusack Street, Green Street and Docker Street.

Home care visits

We request that any clients who receive home visits from Northeast Health staff refrain from smoking while hospital staff are attending to and/or caring for their needs.

I am coming into hospital and I smoke – what can I do?

Information will be sent to you with your paperwork before coming to hospital. We encourage you to plan ahead and seek advice from your doctor or Quit Line (13 78 48) about cutting down or giving up smoking before your admission to hospital.

There are many health benefits if you stop smoking before or during your treatment. Not smoking or smoking much less will help to:

  • Speed your recovery from illness or surgery
  • Decrease your risk of complications
  • Improve your circulation
  • Increase your body’s supply of oxygen
  • Increase your baby’s supply of oxygen if you are pregnant

In supporting people to quit smoking, Northeast Health provides:

  • Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) patches or lozenges free for all inpatients during their stay
  • Information on how to manage cravings for a cigarette
  • Information on support services for people who want to quit smoking.

Victorian Outdoor Smoking Ban

From 13 April 2015, smoking is banned within four metres of an entrance to public hospitals and registered community health centres. Under the Tobacco Act 1987 smoking is now unlawful in these areas and could result in an infringement penalty, imposed by the local council inspector.

More Information

Quit Line offers free confidential support for people who want to quit smoking. Call 13 78 48 or visit

NHW Smokefree Policy brochure.pdf

NHW is proud to be a member of the Victorian Network of Smokefree Healthcare Services.

Member of the Victorian Network of Smokefree Healthcare Services