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Our Approach to Aged Care

Phone: +61 (03) 5721 0310
Illoura Residential Aged Care
32 – 50 College Street, Wangaratta, Vic 3677

Illoura is an inclusive aged-care facility and welcomes residents from all cultures and backgrounds. Care plans are structured for each individual resident. We will ensure that your loved one will be engaged in activities relevant to their culture and religion and have the opportunity to participate in hobbies and interests they previously enjoyed.

In Illoura, the focus of care is a partnership among staff, the resident and their family. The staff at Illoura:

  • Recognise the right of residents to their independence, dignity, privacy and security
  • Welcome and encourage family and friends to be involved in the lives of residents
  • Understand the importance of nutritious and appetising meals that are enjoyable.

Specialised resident care

Our facility offers specialised resident care including:

  • 24-hour nursing support
  • Dementia care in a secure, separate wing
  • Transitional Care Program.

Resident activities

The activities offered to our residents are structured so that they promote a sense of:

  • Purpose
  • Independence
  • Enjoyment and accomplishment.

Our activities will promote your loved one’s right to choose and their sense of worth as a productive member of society.

Illoura staff also:

  • Provide physical and mental stimulation
  • Encourage independence and decision-making
  • Use reminiscence to recall life experiences
  • Provide a sense of community to your loved one, your family and friends
  • Encourage community awareness and interaction.