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Community Advisory Committee

Community Advisory Committee (CAC), providing a voice for the NHW community, consumers and carers.

The CAC is a group that gives advice to the leaders of Northeast Health Wangaratta. The CAC has 12 positions for community members who are patients, people who use our services, family members, and community representatives. They help us work better with these important groups when we plan, provide services, and make their healthcare better.

The CAC is led by a member of the NHW Board. They are a strong and caring voice for making sure we partner well with the people we’re here to help. The CAC’s responsibilities and rules are explained in the Committee Terms of Reference and Member Code of Conduct. There’s also a detailed description of what being a CAC member involves.

If you want to be part of the CAC, you’ll need to go through a formal interview process. If you’re chosen, you’ll be added to the NHW consumer participation register.


Consumer Experience and Engagement Manager
Phone: (03) 5722 5735