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Hardwiring Excellence

Hardwiring Excellence – Every patient, every time!

Hardwiring Excellence
Nurse Unit Manager Sally Arthur updates surgical ward staff at the performance board

Hardwiring Excellence is the framework we have in place to help us meet three clear and important goals:

  1. Improve patient safety and clinical outcomes
  2. Improve patient satisfaction
  3. Improve staff satisfaction

It is an important component of our clinical governance and places the patient firmly at the heart of what we do for Every Patient, Every Time!

A key feature of the framework is improved communication and a standardised approach to patient care, along with clear expectations of our staff. Just some of the tactics we use to achieve the goals of this program include:

  • Standardising introductions and explanations to patients and families
  • Using patient communication boards to help two-way information flow between staff and patients
  • Using performance boards to improve staff communication
  • Attending patients every hour to ensure their needs are met, improving patient comfort and safety
  • Involving patients in bedside handover
  • Managers meeting with each staff member each month to check on their wellbeing in the workplace and acting on suggestions for improvement

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