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MRI ready and raring

Three people standing beside a MRI machine
Kasey Flanigan, Mike Atkins and Alistair Browne with the new MRI machine

Installation of the new Medical Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine is complete at Northeast Health Wangaratta. The service set to return on 22 April, in line with the project schedule.

NHW staff were immersed in training this week and enjoying the higher level of imaging detail the new MRI promised.

The significant installation process included a section of roof being temporarily removed. This enabled the old MRI to be craned out and the new machine carefully manoeuvred into place. Construction works were carried out to support the requirements of the superconducting magnet that enables whole-body MRI.

Executive Director of Medical Services, Dr Garry Wilkes said the installation was executed with precision. He said NHW is pleased to have delivered the project within the allocated 6 week timeframe.

“We have been without an operational MRI for six weeks, which has been tough for staff and our community,” Dr Wilkes said.

“We are enormously grateful to everyone for their patience during this period, and we’re excited that the new MRI is ready to go.”

“The team has undertaken training this week and already giving positive feedback on the new scanner benefits. These include more detailed imaging, more efficient scan times and increased comfort,” Dr Wilkes said.

Dr Wilkes praised the technical and construction teams, as well as the NHW staff for their collaboration on the project.

“This project has been another great team effort. It has brought together external contractors, engineers, construction teams, technical experts and our radiology team together to ensure things ran smoothly,” Dr Wilkes said.

“I know our team is raring to go, with the new MRI fully operational as of Monday 22 April to provide this valuable service for our community.”

Two people looking at a computer display with a MRI machine behind glass in the background
Siemens has been on site training staff on the new MRI