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We are ALL the Patient Experience

Ruth Kneebone and Jim Cozens visited wards this week as part of Patient Experience Week. Ruth is a member of the NHW Board, and Ruth and Jim are both members of the NHW Consumer Advisory Committee. They had valuable conversations with patients about what practices give them the best possible experience with our health service.
Patient Experience Week runs in April each year, initiated by The Beryl Institute as a global community of practice dedicated to improving the patient experience through collaboration and shared knowledge. Patient Experience Week provides a focused time for organisations to celebrate accomplishments, reenergise efforts and honour the people who impact patient experience every day. These people span the entire workforce – from nurses and physicians, to support staff and executive, to patients, families and communities served. It is a great opportunity to celebrate the commitment of our workforce to excellence in patient care and the importance of understanding the heart of the patient experience.
NHW chief executive officer, Libby Fifis, said she was incredibly proud of the energy and commitment of NHW staff to provide the highest level of care to patients.

“Throughout the week our Consumer Experience and Engagement Team has been around the hospital to engage with staff and some of our patients about the Patient Experience at NHW.”

The Beryl Institute defines patient experience as the sum of all interactions, shaped by an organisation’s culture, that influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care.