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Paul takes it to the world stage

The work of Northeast Health’s Intensive Care Clinical Nurse Consultant, Paul Jones, who is also an endorsed Nurse Practitioner will make its way to the world stage in October with an invitation to present at the World Nursing Education Conference in Spain.

Paul Jones recently attended the World Congress of Vascular Access in Canada as part of the NHW Board of Directors’ Scholarship program.

Northeast Health Wangaratta Board Chair, Alison Maclean commended Paul’s passion to advance patient care.

“Paul has used his NHW Board Scholarship to drive improvement within our health service and we were very proud to support his attendance at the World Congress.”

Vascular access refers to any insertion into a patient’s vein or artery for the receipt of medication and fluids, removal of blood during procedures such as dialysis, and monitoring of blood pressure and heart activity for the critically ill patient. Some catheters are placed in major bloods so that certain mediation can be given closer to the main circulatory system, one of these known as mid-line catheter insertion.

Having previously published a journal article regarding insertion of mid-line catheters by nurses, Paul presented this information at the international conference and was awarded Third Place for his poster presentation.

“Attending the World Congress of Vascular Access was a great experience,” Paul said.

“Some of the speakers are world leaders in their fields and it showed with their level of passion and commitment.”

“I was grateful to meet Prof Amanda Ullman from Australia, who was presenting on paediatric best-practice and it was terrific to chat with her afterward. Those kinds of connections are so beneficial, I can reach out to them in the future regarding our work.”

“The conference covered all forms of vascular access practice, from simple drips and intravenous (IV) cannulas to central venous catheters that are placed into larger veins for longer term access and treatments. There was discussion on complications, how to manage and treat them, and importantly, how to avoid them in the first place.

“I returned with lots of ideas and it is going to be a busy few months ahead while we update some of our practices here, including techniques and products we use to bring us up to gold standard care.”

Paul’s paper has been reprinted in the British Journal of Nursing, elevating the profile of his research and leading to his invitation to present in Spain in October.

“It was a bit of a snowball effect, which I probably underestimated. I’ve had a few further requests to publish from other journals and was really surprised and excited to be invited to the World Nursing Education Conference as one of the speakers.”

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase a little of Northeast Health Wangaratta on this world stage.

“I was very fortunate to have this initial opportunity to travel to Canada as part of the NHW Board Scholarship. My first priority is to get the ball rolling on a few of these projects with my colleagues and go back to the Board for a chat on what we’ve learned and what we can implement at NHW. Then I’ll prepare for Spain and we’ll go from there.”

Paul Jones with his Midline Catheter Service poster, winning third prize at the Congress of Vascular Access.