MyoSure makes a difference

Community donations have enabled the purchase of equipment to boost the surgical capacity of gynecological procedures at Northeast Health Wangaratta.

Dr Amelia Bock stood with the new medical equipment to help with gynecological procedures.
Dr Amelia Bock, Supervisor of Training Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Northeast Health Wangaratta.

The $55,000 MoySure Tissue Removal System is a hysteroscopic treatment that enables procedures, such as the removal of fibroids and endometrial polyps, to be performed locally rather than requiring referral of patients to Melbourne.

Dr Amelia Bock, Supervisor of Training Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Northeast Health Wangaratta, said the equipment would improve patient recovery and experience for local patients.

“The MyoSure system allows us to remove tissue from within the uterus in a less invasive way and avoid major surgery,” Dr Bock said.

“Previously we have had to send patients to Melbourne in these instances – not because we didn’t have the surgical expertise here, but because we didn’t have the equipment.”

“Having the equipment at Northeast Health Wangaratta enables patients to receive treatment they need closer to home and as a day procedure, also helping them recover more quickly.”

Director of People and Corporate Operations, Kim Bennetts said it was the generosity of the local community which helped boost the hospital’s capacity to invest in specialised equipment.

“We’re very grateful for the ongoing support of the community to our Giving program which enables us to invest in equipment that keeps treatment close-to-home,” Kim said.

Dr Bock said the broader functionality of the equipment would see it utlised regularly in gynecological surgical practice.

The system enables tissue resection and removal in a single step and under vision, which Dr Bock said reduced the risk of complications or further procedures being required.

“Conducting these types of procedures with the vision support this equipment provides improves overall safety for the patient which helped reduce the need for further surgery and resulting risks.”

“An additional benefit is that as a teaching hospital, we can train the next generation of registrars in the latest technologies and best practice.”

If you’d like to support NHW’s Giving program visit or contact the giving team on 03 5722 5297.