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Virtual visiting brings families together

Virtual visiting is helping to bring families together at a time when visitor restrictions remain tight at Northeast Health Wangaratta (NHW).

man sitting in front of a computer screen having an online conversation with his family
Benalla man Kevin Law speaks with his mother Cecily and sister in law Shannon during a virtual visit at NHW.

Benalla man Kevin Law was rushed to hospital more than two months ago with a serious health condition and has only just left hospital this week.

Throughout that time he has been able to stay in contact with his family through virtual visiting, which is facilitated by NHW volunteers.

Kevin’s sister in law Shannon said the virtual visits had helped put Kevin’s mind at rest, particularly when it came to the wellbeing of his 93 year old mother Cecily.

“Kevin lives with Cecily in Benalla and his first thought was, I’m here, who’s looking after Mum,” Shannon said.

Cecily has been cared for by Shannon and Kevin’s brother Bernard in Melbourne. After several weeks they were able to talk to Kevin through a virtual visit.

“He could see she was in our care and it just gave him so much more comfort,” Shannon said.

“It took a lot off his mind so he could concentrate on getting well.”

Shannon and Cecily had several virtual visits with Kevin during his stay, helping the family stay in contact and prepare Kevin for leaving hospital.

“To see us, he was very, very emotional the first time,” Shannon said.

“It’s been quite a few months since we last saw him.

“When we speak to him we just look for that cheeky smile – to see that smile really makes your heart feel warm.”