Vaccine appointments in high demand

nurses stood outside vaccination clinicNHW is encouraging community members to be patient and persistent when trying to book a COVID-19 vaccine appointment.

Anyone aged 12 and over is now eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine. The Department of Health booking system has been in high demand since 12-15 year olds became eligible on Monday.

“Please be patient and keep trying as new appointments are coming online regularly in line with increased vaccine availability,” Ms Shanks said.

“We encourage you to try at different times on different days of the week as general public appointments open up at different times, depending on how many priority bookings have been made.”

Parents are allowed to attend the appointment with their children. Anyone who presents for vaccination must provide informed consent. This can be provided by a  parent or guardian attending the vaccine appointment with the young person, with a consent form signed by a parent or guardian or a young person can provide their own consent if they are considered a mature minor.