Telehealth crossing the physical divide

Our allied health and ambulatory care teams are continuing to provide valuable services to their clients despite the physical limitations of COVID-19 (coronavirus) restriction.

Young female speech pathologist using video calls for paediatric Speech Pathology consultations.
Ms Stephanie Evans, Speech Pathologist now uses video conferencing technology for her consultations

Operational Director for Allied Heath and Ambulatory Care, Ms Stacey Manfield said that the increased use of telehealth has enabled some key services to continue.

“We are still taking on new clients and are performing assessments via specific video conferencing facilities”, Ms Manfield said.

The use of telehealth is the use of video conferencing or telephone calls to assess and review patients who would be normally accessing face to face appointments with speech pathologists, physiotherapist, dietitians, social workers, occupational therapist and nurses.

“Group work has been put on hold, but cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation continues supporting those with heart and lung conditions on a one on one basis with telehealth”, Ms Manfield said.

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