State-of-the-art resources for managing Lymphoedema

Two ladies are testing the SOZO device used in the early detection and assessment of Lymphoedema.
Jayne Bell (Allied Health Assistant at NHW) and Alison Gargan (Manager Physiotherapy at NHW) testing the new SOZO device used in the early detection and assessment of Lymphoedema.

Northeast Health is leading the way with new state-of-the-art resources in the prevention and management of Lymphoedema.

Lymphoedema is a condition that results in swelling of certain parts of the body caused by problems with the Lymphatic System.

Cancer treatments including surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are a leading cause of lymphoedema. 

Research shows that close monitoring and early treatment can significantly reduce the severity of the condition. 

Northeast Health has purchased specialised equipment (LymphaPress and SOZO) used in the detection and management of Lymphoedema. These devices will complement other traditional treatments currently used at NHW, including manual lymph drainage, compression bandages, and special exercises.

LymphaPress is a dynamic compression therapy system which applies directional massage to assist in moving trapped lymphatic fluid. It applies pressure in sequence through a garment fastened around the area to be treated.

SOZO is a noninvasive bioimpedance device used in the early detection and assessment of Lymphoedema. It delivers a precise snapshot of fluid status and tissue composition in a person’s arms and legs, giving early signs for the potential development of Lymphoedema. SOZO also has broader applications across non cancer related conditions.

We would like to thank several local groups and organisations for all their hard work in raising money for this new equipment; Aroma Deli Breakfast fundraiser by Breast Cancer Support Groups ‘Go Girls’ and ‘Sassy Sisters’ plus the Myrtleford Golf Club and Jubilee Golf Club. The purchase of this equipment would not have been possible without the support and generous donations from our community. Community-based programs at the hospital also made a significant contribution.

The efforts of all involved to acquire this equipment are a testament to the dedication and commitment of our community, along with NHW to provide the best possible cancer service to the Central Hume region.