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Leading by example

CEO Tim Griffiths and Board Chair Jonathan Green sat down having their flu shot by two Infection Prevention & Control nurses.
Photo from left; Leading by example, CEO Tim Griffiths, manager Infection Prevention and Control Kim Comensoli, staff health nurse Karen Hough, and board chair Jonathan Green.

Northeast Health Wangaratta CEO, Mr Tim Griffiths and Board of Directors Chair, Mr Jonathan Green have lined up for their influenza shots to highlight to all our staff of how important it is to get vaccinated for the upcoming flu season.

“Given the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation, we need to be extremely vigilant with getting a flu vaccine this year. If we add the demand of the flu on top of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), our health system will be extremely stretched”, Mr Griffiths said.

“Having the flu and COVID-19 (Coronavirus) would be a real concern, especially for our more vulnerable populations such as older people, those with chronic disease or those who are immune-compromised”, Mr Griffiths said.

“As the Northeast Health Wangaratta staff are getting their flu vaccines, I would highly recommend members of the community also do the same”, Mr Griffiths said.

“Over 400 staff were vaccinated at Northeast Health Wangaratta on our first day of vaccinations”, Mr Griffiths said.

Northeast Health Wangaratta has commenced vaccinating all staff this week. A vaccination station has been set up in the now empty hospital Café area, with staff area allocation and a physical distancing waiting area established.

Northeast Health Wangaratta is aiming for 98% of all staff to be vaccinated, above the Victorian Health and Human Services target of 90%. Last year, Northeast Health Wangaratta achieved 96.6% of staff being vaccinated.

Community members are encouraged to contact their GP or local pharmacist to discuss getting their influenza vaccine.