International Day of the Midwife

International Day of the Midwife began in 1991 out of a global need to recognise the lifesaving work performed by midwives around the world and to bring more attention to maternal and newborn health issues. Today, the event is observed each year on May 5 by more than 50 nations and coordinated by the International Confederation of Midwives in partnership with its member organisations.

2020 also happens to be International Year of the Midwife meaning will have the added platform of global recognition throughout the year. The theme for both IDM and International Year of the Midwife is: Midwives with women: celebrate, demonstrate, mobilize, unite – our time is NOW!

Three young midwives standing next to a baby in bassinetNHW midwives are instrumental in supporting, advocating and bringing to our attention the needs of women and babies.  NHW Midwives work with women every day, they partner with women in their care during the childbirth continuum.  Midwives and women have a unique opportunity to get to know each other and to build trusting and reciprocal relationships through pregnancy, labour, birth and the post-natal period.

Midwives are in a privileged and unique position to advocate for women’s rights to make informed choices about pregnancy, sexual and reproductive health and childbirth.  Midwives are amongst some of our most trusted healthcare workers and midwives across the globe work tirelessly to ensure women are represented in terms of health policy and strategy.   Ensuring women represented and empowered to ask health professionals questions in relation to their maternity care.

Join us in thanking all the midwives for the wonderful support, guidance and kindness they demonstrate, preparing parents throughout their pregnancy, supporting them and their partners during and after the birth of our children.