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COVID-19 Screening Clinic

Interim CEO, Tim Griffiths stood outside the new COVID-19 (Coronavirus) screening clinic in Wangaratta
Tim Griffiths, Interim CEO stood outside the new COVID-19 (Coronavirus) screening clinic in Wangaratta.

NHW has opened its COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Screening Clinic on Tuesday 17th March at 19 Norton Street, Wangaratta and will run from 8am to 6pm daily seven days a week (appointments from 8:30am t0 5:30pm).

The NHW clinic has been established to reduce the load on the NHW emergency department, support GPs and provide an offsite location for specialist screening.

Access to the clinic is by appointment only, after an initial phone assessment performed by a healthcare professional by calling the NHW COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Hotline 1800 324 942. This assessment will determine the person’s need to attend the clinic or in severe cases refer the person straight to Northeast Health Wangaratta’s emergency department.

If referred to the clinic following this initial phone assessment, specialist pathology testing will then be performed to determine whether the person has COVID-19 (Coronavirus).