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Relocation of COVID-19 Screening Clinic

Northeast Health Wangaratta encourages the community to get tested if you have any symptoms at all.

There has been a recent reduction in the number of people seeking COVID-19 testing across the state. Northeast Health has also seen a reduction of testing over the last month of 40% and a reduction in enquiries of 33%.

“Now is not the time to ease off being alert to the symptoms of COVID-19 for your own or your families wellbeing”, NHW’s Director of Clinical Services, Ms Rebecca Weir said.

“We ask that anyone gets tested who has any symptoms at all. This is especially the case if you have:

Symptoms include:

  • Fever OR chills without a reason that explains this.


  • Acute respiratory infection (e.g. cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, loss or change in sense of smell or taste).


  • Close contacts of a confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19).
  • Returned overseas travel in the past 14 days.
  • Health care or aged care workers.

This is even more important if you:

  • have an injury, chronic health issue, or frailty affecting mobility
  • have moderate to severe physical or psychosocial disability
  • have moderate to severe mental health or behavioural issues not otherwise classified as a psychosocial disability
  • are a carer for a person with moderate to severe disability.

Ms Weir has just returned from supporting the COVID-19 Aged Care outbreak in metropolitan Melbourne.  Working within the Victorian Aged Care Response Centre (VACRC) as the Operations Lead, deploying teams to rapidly respond to COVID outbreak in residential aged care facilities.

Returning from Melbourne highlighted to me that we really need to stay alert in the regional areas to ensure that we are firstly ready to respond but also to ensure that our community members get tested if they have even the slightest of symptoms”, Ms Weir said.

Prior to returning to Wangaratta, Ms Weir was tested for COVID- 19 as a precautionary measure and has been following stage 3 restrictions.

“Despite the fact we have no active cases in Northeast Victoria, we need to remain alert and vigilant and get tested if you have any symptoms”.

Three Northeast Health staff stood outside the new COVID-19 drive through testing center
Photo L-R: Katie Higgs, Nurse Unit Manager with Chris Gartside, Operational Director Nursing and Jason O’Keeffe, Acting Chief Operations Officer, at the new COVID-19 drive-through testing facility in Docker St.

New COVID-19 testing facility

Northeast Health Wangaratta is relocating it’s COVID-19 screening clinic closer to the health service as of Monday 7th September 2020.

The COVID-19 screening clinic will be transitioning to a drive-through set up.   The new drive-through testing centre will provide greater convenience for our community and keep our staff safe.

“People can call the hotline on 1800 324 942 and a staff member will make a time for you to be tested. All you need to do to attend your appointment is drive through the testing facility in Docker Street, near the hospital”, NHW’s Director of Clinical Services, Ms Rebecca Weir said.





Northeast Health Wangaratta COVID-19 activity

As at 4th September 2020

NHW COVID-19 Screening Clinic

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Pre-screening calls 214 281 6,453
COVID-19 tests 188 219 5,127


Northeast Heath Wangaratta

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COVID-19 positive inpatients 0 0

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