Volunteer Celebration 2019

Our annual Volunteer Celebration formally recognises our team of 349 volunteers who contribute more than 36,000 hours every year towards the overall care of our patients, clients and residents.

The luncheon, hosted by Galen Catholic College VCAL students was a great success and a wonderful opportunity to thank our many volunteers and recognise their contribution to our organisation and our community.

Anne Coutts who volunteers in our Oncology Unit was announced as the winner of the Excellence in Volunteering Award for 2019. Mavis Munro (35 years) together with Anne & Robert Butler (30 years) were recognised for their outstanding years of service.

Years of Service

5 Years

  • Gwen Adams (MOW)
  • Diane Cameron (FOTH)
  • Janet Hammond (High Tea/FOTH)
  • Mervyn Huggins (MOW)
  • Margot Ingwersen (FOTH)
  • Jennifer Kirby (MOW)
  • Terrence Kirby (MOW)
  • Ronald Martin (MOW)
  • Heather McLean (MOW)
  • Margaret Oddie (MOW)
  • Ian Pleming (MOW)
  • Kaye Rowland (FOTH)

10 Years

  • Dennis Gaut (MOW)
  • June Lewis (MOW)
  • Janet Martin (MOW)
  • Denise Perkin (Homeward Bound)
  • Chris Powell (V&CS General Assistance)
  • Lynette Roberts (MOW)
  • Dean Saunders (MOW)
  • Ruth Shalders (Pall Care)

15 Years

  • Dorothy Chapman (MOW)
  • Ross Chapman (MOW)
  • Bronte Minett (FOTH)

20 Years

  • Valerie Bussell (MOW)
  • Florence Walker (Pall Care)

25 Years


30 Years

  • Ann Butler (MOW)
  • Robert Butler (MOW)

30 Years

  • Mavis Munro (MOW/High Tea)