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Don’t forget your flu shot

This years flu campaign is off to a great start with our Board of Management and CEOs from Gateway Health and NHW ‘leading the way’ as the winter season begins. Our residents at Illoura have already been immunised and our staff and volunteers are lining up to protect themselves, their families and our patients this flu season.

CEOs from Gateway Health and NHW having their flu shot from Infection Control Nurses at NHW
CEOs from Gateway Health and NHW having their flu shot from Infection Control Nurses at NHW

The flu isn’t like the common cold, it can hit quickly and last for a few weeks, meaning time off work or school and staying away from family and friends. At Northeast Health Wangaratta we want to help ensure all Victorians know what steps they can take to help prevent getting and spreading the flu.

For vulnerable Victorians, like children, the elderly and people with chronic diseases or a weakened immune system, the flu can have serious and devastating outcomes. That’s why at our message is simple – You never forget the flu, so don’t forget your flu shot.

Everyone should get their annual flu shot anytime from mid-April onwards to be protected for the peak flu season, which is generally June to September. However, it’s never too late to be vaccinated as the flu can spread all year round.

The flu shot is now available from general practitioners, community immunisation sessions and many pharmacies. All Victorians over 65, children aged six months to under five years, pregnant women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and anyone with a chronic condition or weakened immune system are all eligible for a free flu vaccine.

NHW Board of Management receiving flu shot from NHW nurses
NHW Board of Management, Roger Barker, Alison Maclean, Martin Hession, Cheryl Clutterbuck, Matthew Joyce & Ann Wearne with our Infection Control Nurses, Helen Tiffin & Karen Hough.

There are some other easy steps everyone can take to prevent getting and spreading the flu, such as coughing or sneezing into your elbow and washing your hands thoroughly. If you’re sick, stay away from work and other places where you’ll spread the flu.

If you’ve got the flu, speak to your doctor or pharmacist, or phone Nurse-On-Call. For more information visit Better Health Channel