DonateLife Nurse Donation Specialist, Jo Hymus

During DonateLife Week (28 July to 4 August 2019) we’re encouraging Wangaratta locals to sign up to become potential lifesavers, joining a state-wide push to increase rates of organ and tissue donor registrations. Joining the Australian Organ Donor Register gives hope to the 1,400 Australians and their families that are currently waiting for the call that a life-saving organ has become available.

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Meet Joanne Hymus, a DonateLife Nurse Donation Specialist at NHW…

Joanne Hymus, DonateLife Nurse Donation Specialist at NHW
Joanne Hymus, DonateLife Nurse Donation Specialist at NHW

I have always been very interested in organ and tissue donation as I have had a family member who received a transplant and it changed their quality of life.

I started at Northeast Health during 2015 as a nurse providing perioperative care. I then became a Theatre Liaison Nurse before joining the leadership team as an Assistant Nurse Unit Manager (ANUM) within the Pre-admissions clinic in Admission and Day Stay Unit (ADU).

Before joining the team at NHW I spent 15 years as a Medical Scientist at Albury/Wodonga Health and also Queensland Health where I worked at two metropolitan hospitals in Brisbane who performed transplants and performed blood tests on both donors and recipients.

I am now a DonateLife Nurse Donation Specialist and part of my role at Northeast Health is to;

  • provide multidisciplinary educational services on organ and tissue donation for all hospital staff that come into contact with the donation process
  • promote community awareness and understanding about organ and tissue donation
  • improve the identification of potential organ and tissue donors in the hospital through early referral to DonateLife
  • work with hospital teams to ensure that 100% of potential donors are identified to optimise
  • support families considering organ and tissue donation in end of life care
  • collect data, audit and report to NHW Executive and DonateLife.

To find out more or to register to be an organ and tissue donor please visit

Joanne Hymus
DonateLife Nurse Donation Specialist
Tel: (03) 5722 5323