FOTH celebrating 40 years

Friends of the Hospital (FOTH) Auxiliary recently celebrated 40 years of history with a special morning tea held at Northeast Health on Tuesday 24th JULY 2018. The celebrations were well attended by FOTH members both past and present including some of the original ‘Base Birds’.

FOTH 40 Year Reunion
Pictured: Betty O’Keeffe, Betty Heinz, Carol Ockenden, Judy Field, Anne Wearne, Mick Fitzgerald, Marilyn McDonald, Eileen Dinning, Patti Bullus, Isobel Dustan, Marg Pullen and Lyn Goodear. All past Base Birds with the exception of Mick (NHW Chef who helps the FOTH out whenever they need) & Eileen (Current President of FOTH).

The Auxiliary was established in 1978 and was initially named the ‘Base Birds’.  Although the group’s name has changed, their dedication and commitment to our hospital certainly have not. Well known for their fundraising activities FOTH has raised approximately $815,000 over 40 years which has directly benefited NHW with the purchase of vital medical equipment.

Their fundraising activities include lamington stalls, raffles, event catering and not forgetting their famous monthly cake stall held in the café at Northeast Health, and the annual Christmas hamper and plum pudding project with hundreds of plum puddings, Christmas cakes, festive hampers, mince tarts and shortbread sold throughout the Wangaratta community in the lead up to Christmas.

This dedicated and passionate group of people meet every month at the hospital to organise fundraising activities.  Sub-committees are formed to coordinate and organise specific activities and all the members work together to plan for the monthly cake stalls which usually raise over $1200 – that’s a lot of cakes!

Find out more about the history of FOTH: FOTH 40 Year Reunion Book.pdf

The FOTH Auxiliary currently consists of 36 members but they are always on the lookout for new members to join their friendly group. Find out more about Freinds of the Hospital Auxiliary or contact Nadia Tilson on 03 5722 5069  or email