Smiles 4 Miles

Smiles 4 Miles at Appin Park Kindergarten
Smiles 4 Miles at Appin Park Kindergarten

Children, families and staff at Appin Park Kindergarten Wangaratta are celebrating Dental Health Week as part of their work on the ‘Smiles 4 Miles’ oral health program. This year Dental Health Week is focusing on ‘Oral health for busy lives’, a theme that many families in Wangaratta live each day.

“Sometimes life gets very busy but this is a good reminder that good oral health is essential to your overall health and well-being, and that good habits need to start early in life,” said Kindergarten teacher at Appin Park, Ms Parsons.

“That is why we are teaching our children and their families the importance of oral health including brushing their teeth twice a day and visiting the Dentist regularly before a problem occurs,” she said.

The ‘Smiles 4 Miles’ program is an initiative of Dental Health Services Victoria (DHSV) which aims to improve the oral health of Wangaratta’s preschool aged children and their families by encouraging healthy eating, healthy drinking and good oral hygiene.

DHSV supports the Australian Dental Association’s campaign ‘Anywhere, Anytime – Oral health for busy times’ which runs from the 7th-13th of August. Through DHSV’s ‘Smiles 4 Miles’ program, Appin Park Kindergarten is spreading the message about the importance of good oral health habits for the whole family. ‘The support from Northeast Health Wangaratta providing kinder visits and the visit from the Dental Van to perform screenings on the children has helped bring home the campaign message. It has been a vital component of the program that the families have really embraced; Ms Parsons said.